Log Book Course

Bring a friend and share the driving and the cost. Ask your parents to read about this course and call us for further information.

Contrary to opinion, you can buy time! You can buy 25 hours from any driving school just so your Log Book is finished and so you can have your licence. But for exactly the same price, you can have 25 hours of amazing driving experiences that will safely set you up for the rest of your life, that is the difference with Best West.

We have specialist instructors that will take you anywhere in W.A while you gain 25 or even 50 hours Log Book training time. You can plan the road trip to whatever cities, towns and routes you wish. Courses travel along single and multi-lane bitumen roads. We practice overtaking cars and road trains at maximum legal speed limits and negotiate hilly narrow winding country roads. You will experience gravel roads, learn about driver fatigue, practice emergency braking, perfect cornering lines and much more. It’s your choice.

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