Parking Lesson

Best West Driving School teaches ‘set position parking’ procedures. We guarantee our ‘set position parking’ procedures will have you parking like a pro in two lessons or less or we will give you back your parking lesson fee!

Learning to park is one of the first skills you need to learn when you start your driver training. It can be a daunting experience for some new drivers, getting so close to other cars and trying to have the car perfectly positioned in the desired park.

Learning to park with a Best West Driving School Driving Instructor is stress free. Our dual controlled vehicles mean your driving instructor can guide you and keep you safe through our ‘set position parking’ process. Trust us, your driving instructor will prove to you that ‘set position parking’ works every time.

Parking Procedures

  1. Forward parking on the right and left 900? Angle
  2. Reverse parking on the right and left at 900? between cars
  3. Reverse parallel park on the right and left hand side
  4. Forward and reverse parallel park on the left and right hand side
  5. Forward angle parking on the left and right hand side
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